Meet Us

We are central Illinois farmers, farm moms and others who care deeply about food, farming and answering your questions.

Heather Witt - Mom Blogger

Mom Blogger

Heather Witt is a wife, mother of three and graphic designer with Bloomington-Normal roots.  She has lived in the area for over 30 years and has developed a heart for the truth in all things, including farming.  She isn’t afraid to ask questions and is completely forthcoming with the fact that many of her questions may see common-sense to farmers and those in the industry but it never stops her from sometimes putting her foot in her mouth, all for the sake of true and accurate answers.

Because of this, her encounters with farmers are often comedic as well as educational.


Blog Editor

Anna Ziegler grew up on a family farm in west-central Illinois. Her dad is a fifth generation farmer and her mom teaches family & consumer sciences (home ec), so food & farming are pretty much in her blood. She now works full time in agricultural communications with the family farmers who are members of McLean County Farm Bureau.


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